Terms and Conditions MENMAX Appliance Repair

Customer’s General Responsibilities & Payment terms:

Customer* (person who requested and/or received / and/or payed the full amount for the service provided by MENMAX Appliance Repair team member) is responsible for providing free access to the property and an easy access to the unit. As well as, to protect or remove any personal property. MENMAX Appliance Repair** is not responsible for any personal property loss/damage/etc., poor plumbing, electrical, gas systems. MENMAX Appliance Repair** also is not responsible for any carpets, drapes, other furniture, driveways, etc.

Customer* is responsible to read and accept our** terms of service at the time of scheduling appointment and prior to allowing our ** technician to commence provision of service.

Scheduling of service with us** implies full acceptance of our terms and conditions. Being a customer* yourself or represent for the party listed on electronic or paperwork order/ job sheet, you* agree to pay all balances in full at the time of service and/or upon its completion by cash/ check/ Apple Pay/Google Pay/ credit card/ debit card/ online (unless other was discussed and agreed on between both sides (you* and MENMAX AR**)).

There will be a 24% APR Interest and service charges on any past due balance, unless other was discussed and agreed on between both sides (you* and MENMAX AR**).

Cancellation of Service & Trip Charge

When scheduling service with MENMAX Appliance Repair, you acknowledge that our technician’s time was specifically booked for that location and service.

In case if you* forgot, cancel or changed appointment time/day without giving enough notice or canceled it upon our technicians arrival, MENMAX Appliance Repair Team miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time successfully, and help other customers on our wait list to receive services. These also becomes a result for loss in our revenue which cannot be recovered.

That’s why, we** reserve the right to charge 100% of the service call amount for any appointment missed, canceled, or changed without 4 business hours notification, or other agreements being made with you*.

In case if you* changed your* mind and/or canceled scheduled repair service upon parts and/or our** technician arrival, we** keep the right to charge additional amounts for the parts reordering in the future repairs/services provided to you*.

In case if you* out of our service area radius - we still will be happy to assist you* but may ask for a trip charge*** (please, check with one of our representatives)

Warranty & Service Information

MENMAX Appliance Repair** works with and provide you* only with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from the dependable suppliers - distributors or from manufacturers directly.

That's allows us to also offer a warranty for all repairs being performed by our team:

  • most common repairs, which do not require parts replacement (such as wires fixing, drain line repair and/or defrosting, cleaning, maintenance etc.) – 30 days warranty
  • most common repairs with parts replacements (such as drain pumps, ice makers, sensors, heaters etc. (everything except sealed system repair and parts) we proudly cover with 90 days warranty for the part and labor.
  • most common, complicated and time-consuming repair such as refrigerators compressor replacement and sealed system repair we provide with 6-month warranty. For this specific type of the repair our customers* can purchase an extended 1-year warranty for an additional 260$.

Unfortunately, there are cases that we just cannot cover = no warranty cases:

  • If there are a pest and/or insects visibly and/or obviously present – we cannot give you any warranty for our repairs;
  • In case if unit has been operated in contrary of its design (against the manufacturer recommendations) in challenging/ incomparable conditions (such as refrigerator being used and located in the garage, residential washer/ dryer used for commercial purposes, etc.) – we cannot give you any warranty for our repairs. 

Moreover, If the problem that your* unit had on the first visit of our** technician repeats – we will be more than happy to schedule an additional free diagnostic – it is all included into labor warranty amount that had been taken at the first repair. And, in case if it’s the same problem with the same part that failed, we** will request a replacement from the manufacturer, which may take about 7 days or more*** (please, confirm with one of our** representatives), and replace it – with no additional charge for you*. 

In case if the unit/ part fails because of poor maintenance or/and care, wrong operation or/and usage for unsuitable purposes, or/ and non-followed manufacturer recommendations by you*, we** will have to take the full repair amount and won’t be able to provide you* with any warranty for that repair.

There is no warranty against additional or extensive repairs, other problems that may occur on the same machine (even if it’s involving what appear to be identical “symptoms”), or against incidental damages. 

In case if you* have your own part and hire us** to replace it – we** won’t be able to provide you* with any warranty for the part or repair.

In case if you* received a diagnostic from another company and hire us** for the repair – we** won’t be able to provide you* with any warranty for the labor and may refuse the service.

We** keep the right to ask for a prepayment for the parts orders above 500$ for residential customers* and for commercial customers*.

We** do not provide virtual diagnostics, phone (with no diagnostic) estimates and consultations.

Waiver of Damages Of Unit’s Moving

You* understand that there is a risk in unit/appliance movement, risk of damage to the unit and to its surrounding areas, including but not limited to flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, walls, carpets, etc.

You* acknowledge that MENMAX Appliance Repair** and the technician are not required to move the unit/appliance. In exchange for his willingness to do so, you promise to hold faultless, both the technician and MENMAX Appliance Repair**, from any and every liability associated with any damage that may occur in connection with this movement.

Waiver of Damages When Working with Water

You* understand that when unit/appliance connected to the building’s plumbing system, there is an inherent risk that components may failure, imperfect connections and/or other faults could result in unintended leakage and/or flooding within the building, causing significant and sometimes catastrophic damage. Excepting for cases of gross, clearly proven, and explicitly identifiable carelessness by the technician, you* promise to hold harmless MENMAX Appliance Repair** from all damages, harms or liability that may result from such an occurrence.

* The customer – person who requested and/or received / and/or payed the full amount for the service provided by MENMAX Appliance Repair team member

** =MENMAX Appliance Repair / MENMAX Appliance Repair Team / team member =MENMAX AP

***Subject of change – please, check with one of our representatives.